Choosing a Handicapper for Nfl Football

By: IC

The popularity of using a sports handicapping service has been slowly going up over the years. The number of legitimate and accurate handicappers has increased, while the number of scammers and dishonest services has declined. However, simply taking a sports pick and throwing it up on the internet may still be a losing proposition.

The first thing to realize when using any sports pick for football is that a handicapper's pick is only an educated guess. Even the most experienced handicappers can only claim a 60%-65% accuracy rate. In other words, expecting to place one bet and win big based on a handicapper's pick is unrealistic. The real value of a handicapper's services comes over the long run.

Before placing your Football bets based on a good handicapper, it's essential that you shop around various sportsbooks for the best lines. Even with a great handicapper, you'll be betting from a huge statistical disadvantage if you're working with a sportsbook with bad lines. This is especially important on key numbers like 3 and 7, margins that most games are won or lost by. The difference between a sportsbook with a line of 6.5 and another with 7 is huge.

Remember to review your handicapper's logic to decide for yourself whether you agree or not with his pick. Don't just rely blindly on your handicapper - Remember, he's only right a little more than half the time. By carefully reviewing your handicapper's logic, you might pick up on something he did - Yet more importantly, you'll begin to pick up on how a professional thinks and makes his picks.

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