Clothing Etiquette for Golf

By: David Webster

Etiquette on the course is a major part of the game of golf. The game and its rules are particular about integrity and behavior on the course. So, how does the way you dress on the course affect this? Well, outside of the many rules when play a round of golf, you also should fit in with those around you. This is so important on some golf courses that you might not even be allowed to play if you are improperly dressed for the game and clothing should be a major concern for those embarking on Golf Holidays.

Wearing the proper golfing clothes is one of the many rules involving golf etiquette. The dress code of the course should be adhered to at all times. Many courses will require long pants, polo shirts, or at least collared ones. Even the public courses will require that a certain type of proper golf attire is worn before you are allowed to play on the course.

In today's world technology is playing a major part of everyone's life. But on the course, if it is not a new device that is appropriate for the game, leave it at home. Many people find that their cell phone is now clothing piece. This is a major concern and seen as being inconsiderate of others on the course. To put it bluntly, cell phones are NOT considered part of the correct golf apparel.

There are those golfers that buy into the fancy clothing that is stereotypically descriptive of the golfer seen on television shows and other parody type depictions. This is just fine but some of your golfing buddies may find it amusing, while others will find it distracting. Try to keep your apparel in good taste and with the other players in mind.
It should go without saying those jeans, sneakers, and other street wear is unacceptable on the course. And by all means be sure to have on the proper golf shoes for your safety and the maintenance of the course itself.

Keeping in mind all of these tips on proper apparel for the course will make your golf game enjoyable for you and all concerned on the course. Take the time to make necessary corrections to your attire for the course, as it will definitely be appreciated and maybe even admired and copied.

Many of the etiquette rules in the game of golf only require a little common sense and attention. One of the most popular rules for the golf course is for each player to wear a collard shirt, which does not mean that all others should be overlooked. Paying special attention to these seemingly minor details will at the very least show that you have knowledge of the rules that apply to the game, even if you are not the best golfer on the course.

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