Women and Golf: Tips for Women Golfers

By: Savannah Durbin

With the sport of golf gaining such mainstream popularity, it is no surprise that more and more women are starting to pick up golf clubs and head out to the course. Whether you are a young lady following in the footsteps of your parents, or a wife joining her husband for a few holes, there is no doubt that you will soon become an addict. But before you head out to the tee, keep these few fundamentals in mind.

The first step in swinging a golf club is properly gripping the club. First, rest the club on the ground, and then place your left hand on the club (if you are right handed). Make sure the thumb on your left hand is placed on top of the club's grip so that it is pointing towards the ground. Your thumb and index finger will make a 'V' that should be pointing towards your chin. Then place your right palm on top of the thumb of your left hand. The 'V' of the thumb and index finger of the right hand should point towards the right shoulder. Don't grip the club too tight; in reality you should place relatively little pressure on the club.

One of the most common errors I see women beginners make, is flexing the left elbow on the takeaway. This is wrong! On the takeaway, your left elbow should ALMOST be locked straight, and remain this way until the end of the follow-through.

I also see a lot of women bend their wrists when making contact with the ball; perhaps to try and help the ball into the air. Do not try to use your wrists to help the ball in the air. In reality, swinging DOWN, not up on the ball, is what carries it into the air.

Another thing women should keep in mind is that most of the power in your shot comes from your core. This means that gaining distance can be achieved by generating a good body turn at impact. Do not just use your arms in your swing. Use your whole body. Turn your hips as you are making contact with the ball.

These are just a few tips that I thought would be useful for beginner women golfers. Keep these in mind before teeing off. To really build a strong, fundamentally sound swing, I recommend going to a golf-pro in your area for lessons.

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