The Advantages of Taking Golf Lessons

By: Irene Forde

The majority of newcomers and 'improvers' to the game of golf probably toy with the idea of taking lessons from a professional.

The most important things a golfer wishes to learn are correct posture, grip, alignment and the golf swing itself. These are essential to every shot played in golf.

Qualified instructors teach either the Vardon (overlapping) grip, the interlocking grip, or the baseball grip, depending on the student's hand size and athletic abilities.

Great ball-striking golfers all have great club position at impact and tremendous swing velocity, generated by correct application of the fundamentals.

Every person who plays golf wants to shoot a low score, but they often find themselves with a handicap that hovers in a certain range for a long period of time.
It is rare that someone drastically improves his or her game just by playing more often. Practicing at a driving range may help, but you are caught in the quandary of having to self-asses what you are doing right and wrong.

When many golfers decide to take the game seriously, they should seek out professional instructors for private golf lessons.Golf instructors teach multiple types of standard shots, including driving, fairway shots, approaches, chipping, putting, and sand-shots.

Advanced instruction can teach techniques such as controlling the "shape" of the shot, controlling loft, ball-stopping and spinning, playing off uneven ground or sidehill lies, and trouble shots such as hitting out of the woods.

Consistent practice sessions are essential to the improvement of the beginner golfer. BUT, players need to have a full understanding of WHAT they are trying to do and HOW to practice. Beating golf balls aimslessly does NO good and ONLY ingrains poor habits.

Instructors may use a combination of physical conditioning, mental visualization, classroom sessions, club fitting, driving range instruction, on-course play under real conditions, and review of videotaped swings in slow motion to teach golf.

You can find golf professionals in your local Yellow Pages phone book, or by going online to There you can find listings of local professionals who can schedule appointments to help you improve your game.

Private golf lessons from a PGA Professional can range in price between $50 and $100 per hour. However, these costs are generally reduced if the golfer chooses to purchase a package of multiple one-hour lessons over a period of time.

You could plan a Golf Instruction Vacation run by PGA professionals. This enables you to enjoy all the leisure & social facilities of a club plus instruction by a professional.

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