Sporty Stocking Stuffers: 5 Golf Gadgets for Under $50 Each

By: Jeff Rose

Wondering what to get your golf fanatic this holiday? Companies are always catering to the special needs of golfers, so instead of giving a silly present like a singing golf tee, why not get your duffer a gift they can actually enjoy the next time they hit the links?

Even small golf gadgets, can be expensive if you're not sure what you're buying. Presented below are five gift ideas you can use to fill any golfer's neatly hung stocking this year. Best of all, they're each under $50.

Are you sick of seeing your golfer's clubs piled in the bathroom or kitchen as they try to remove the evidence of their flubs from the face of their clubs? How about a groove cleaner for his or her clubs? A club cleaning product that removes grass and dirt from the grooves would be the perfect match. The Groove Doctor is only $14.95.

Brush tees will cost you less than $10 for a three-pack and are a great addition to any golfer's stash of stocking gifts. Unlike wooden or plastic golf tees, a brush tee mimics the natural lie a golfer gets when he lands on some premium grass in the middle of the fairway.

Is the golfer in your home always complaining about not being able to tell how far the pin is from the airway? A digital golf range finder sells for about $35.00 and is tiny enough to wrap and stick in any stocking. Sometimes there isn't a marker anywhere near, and a range finder is the ticket to a golfer's good green fortune.

If your golfing enthusiast heads off to the course before the sun rises and never makes it home before the sun sets, then you might want to getting them a set of Twilight Tracer Balls. Tracer balls flash with a red blinking light for five minutes after they're hit, allowing the golfer to easily follow its path and finish up the game before they're forced to pick up play and call it a day. Tracer balls sell for less than $35.00 per pack, which includes three balls each.

Or how about a set of personalized premium golf balls? You can get a set of a dozen Titleist balls emblazoned with the golfer's name on it for under $30 per pack. Titleist is the number one ball in play, but there are other brands you can get even cheaper.

Golfers love anything that has to do with their sport, but many have had enough with double-decker beer hats and trick tees that don't contribute to the betterment of their game, so this year, surprise him with something he'll wear out because he love sit so much.

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