In Depth Look At The Life Of Chuck Liddell

By: Phoenix Delray

When it comes to mixed martial arts, it can be argued that nobody in America comes close to having mastered the sport like Chuck Liddell. Also known as The Iceman, Chuck Liddell, who is six feet, two inches tall and weighs two hundred and five pounds, fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Chuck Liddell has a solid background in both collegiate wrestling and kickboxing, and has trained in both Koei Kan karate and Kempo Karate. Although he primarily wins by standing up, he has used his wrestling skills many times to prevent from being taken down. One of the most unique qualities about Chuck Liddell is the way he has a relaxed, hands down stance while fighting. He also throws unorthodox punches at weird angles, which frequently catches his opponents off guard.

Over the years, Chuck Liddell has taken down many worthy opponents, and this includes masters of the sport like Tito Ortiz, Jeremy Horn, Randy Couture and Kevin Randleman. In 1998, Chuck Liddell made his UFC debut with a victory (by decision) over Noe Hernandez. Four years later, in 2002, he was widely regarded as the number one UFC fighter in the light heavyweight division.

During his time in the sport, Chuck Liddell developed a fairly large fan base. Those who followed the sport loved him, and in 2002 the UFC tried to capitalize on his popularity by attempting to organize a title fight with the then current champion, Tito Ortiz.

When it came time to actually schedule the fight, Ortiz backed down, claiming that schedule conflicts were keeping him out of the ring. Instead, the UFC paired Chuck Liddell with Randy Couture. In UFC 43, Couture won the fight, with the referee stopping the fight due to the sheer number of strikes that Couture was delivering to Liddell.

In 2005, Chuck Liddell joined forces with Randy Couture in the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality show seen on Spike TV where contestants fought for a contract with the UFC. The duo coached separate teams, with both of the winners for the show, Diego Sanchez and Forrest Griffin, being members of Team Liddell.

Overall, the series was a huge success for both everyone involved (thanks largely in part to Chuck Liddells participation). Spike TV saw a drastic increase in ratings, the UFC gained popularity as a sport and both winners went on to enjoy their careers in MMA.

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