7 Bad Eating Habits for Bodybuilders

By: Adrian Alexa

You might be one of the bodybuilders that are training hard but no results are visible or the rate of development is simply low. In this case we might be dealing with a problem that is not given by your bodybuilding routine but your bad eating habits. They can actually keep weight loss unreachable and even building muscles can become very difficult. Let us take a look at these bad nutritional habits you might be having.

Eating Before Bed - If you want to lose weight it is not a great idea to eat before going to bed. Things get even worse if you are eating bad carbohydrates. Sleep does not come with burning many calories so your body might just turn what you just ate into fat. When eating at night you should rely on vegetables and lean proteins. By eating these at dinner you can eliminate being hungry right before going to bed.

Too Many Processed Carbohydrates - This includes breakfast cereals, fruit juices, candies, breads and different other foods that come with higher than average quantities of sugar. If you do not burn the calories coming from them fast you will see that you end up with fat instead of muscles. Do not misinterpret this piece of information and believe that you need to lose carbohydrates from your diet. The best solution is including carbs in your nutrition at breakfast and directly before the workout.

Not Eating Vegetables - A lot of bodybuilders end up forgetting about vegetables. It does not really matter whether you love them or not because leafy greens, broccoli and asparagus are needed in your diet. Vegetables do come with a lot of vitamins and fiber. They are also harder to digest when compared with protein bars, protein shakes and yogurts. Contrary to popular belief, the food that is harder to digest will eventually make you burn more calories when eating it.

Never Skip Breakfast - This is one huge bodybuilding mistake. If you eat a lot at breakfast you will have all day to burn the calories you took in the morning. If you skip breakfast you will only feel hungrier during the day and you will probably overeat before going to bed. Watch the rule mentioned above and you will see that the combination is not good.

Don't Get Too Hungry - Do not let your body become to hungry before the next meal. You do need to time the meals so that you eat right before getting too hungry. This will keep you from eating more than you need at every single meal.

Eating Frequency - If you do not eat often enough you will notice that the body will not digest food efficiently. Eating often is crucial to a bodybuilder. You will see that most trainer do recommend that you eat once every three hours and 6 meals per day is better than three. Do not misunderstand this and believe that you should eat more. You should ideally split the three daily meals into 6 and all will fall into place much better.

Bulking Up Does Not Mean Eating Everything - A lot of bodybuilders end up making a crucial mistake during bulk up phase. You do not have to eat as much food as possible in order to build up the muscle you want. High Quality foods must always be your goal and eating too much will generate an excess of fat that will not help you out. You might want to consult a specialist trainer or nutritionist if you think that you can not handle the problems that come with what and how much to eat during bulking up.

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