Liverpool Football Club

By: Marcia Henin

Liverpool Football Club is an English professional football club, the most successful club in the history of English football. Its traditional colors are red and white, and Liverpool's current kit white shirts, black shorts and white socks with red trim. The traditional liver bird, which is placed inside a shield, is Liverpool's symbol. Home stadium of Liverpool club is Anfield; its capacity is 45, 362. Liverpool's hymn is "You'll never walk alone"; this line is written on the stadium gates.

This Football Club has a history of more than 100 years: it was found on 1888.

John Holding, the owner of "Anfield" stadium, has decided to create a new football team, after Everton F.C., the former team, has moved to another location. The name of the new football club was supposed to remain Everton, but the football association refused to accept it under the former name, therefore it was changed to Liverpool, after the name of the city. Liverpool won their first Football League championship in 1901, and won a second championship in 1906.

Liverpool's longest standing rivalry is with Merseyside team Everton, after a dispute with Everton officials. Another well-known rivalry is with Manchester United, as a result of a success both clubs share. Liverpool football club has won five European Cups, and record eighteen English League titles. Liverpool also became the first English club to win three major trophies in a single season - the League title, the League Cup and the European Cup. Media also favors Liverpool - TV and newspapers regularly publish Liverpool news as the most famous football team in England. The city of Liverpool is associated with a variety of sport activities; however, football has proved to be the most successful.

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