Nutritional Cleansing Helps New Moms Lose Pregnancy Weight

By: Carole Scoville

Ok new moms - I know you are loving that little bundle of joy, but I'm sure you're not loving the extra pounds left behind after delivery. Weight loss (or sanity) can be real challenge when you are sleep deprived, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Cleansing is a great way to easily shed pregnancy weight and get your body back. I've done it myself after baby #1 and #2 and I swear by it. A nutritional cleanse doesn't starve your body, but floods your cells with high-grade nutrition as it flushes impurities from your system -- leaving you feeling rejuvenated and pounds slimmer.

Let's go over the top 5 ways nutritional cleansing helps your post-pregnancy body melt those lingering pounds.

A good nutritional cleanse...

Melts Fat.
When impurities (i.e. junk food, polluted air and water, etc.) enter your system, your body goes into a fat-generating frenzy. Your body generates fat to encapsulate harmful impurities -- this is a fact. The more polluted your body becomes, the more fat it will produce. Cleansing leeches toxins from cells and helps your body eliminate them. When the toxins are gone, the fat will literally melt off.

Promotes Lean Muscle Production.
In addition to melting away lingering lard, a good nutritional cleanse will flood your body with proteins it needs to generate lean muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning -- even when you are resting!

Promotes Proper Hydration.
During a cleanse, you will drink at least half of your body weight in ounces (i.e., if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink at least 75 ounces of water each day). Drinking plenty of water helps your muscles work more effectively, helps you sleep better and flushes impurities from your system -- all of which contribute to healthy, fast weight loss.

Balances Your Hormones.
If you are a new mom and you have broken down crying more than 3 times this week (or today) -- you are normal! But, you certainly don't have to feel that way. The emotional roller coaster you are riding is due to the dramatic swing in hormone levels from pregnancy to post-delivery. A good nutritional cleanse feeds your body all the minerals, vitamins, and proteins it needs to achieve balance -- both in your body weight and brain chemistry.

Promotes Better Sleep Cycles.
Even if your new baby has you wondering if you will ever get more than 20 consecutive minutes of sleep ever again, a nutritional cleanse will help you rest better. Cleansing promotes healthy levels of serotonin -- the hormone responsible for helping you sleep restfully. A good cleanse will enhance your (short) sleep cycles, helping you fell more rested, even if you don't get enough shut-eye. Weight loss is much easier, and more successful, when you get enough rest. So, do the best with what you have and sleep well until that next feeding!

Start a nutritional cleanse today and be the "hot mom" at the pool this summer!

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