How a Lazy Person Lost Weight Using Hoodia Hoodia

By: Drew Bates

In case you have never heard of Hoodia, it's a rare plant that grows in the desert of Kalahi in South Africa that is being used to fight obesity. For over 1,000 years, African Bushmen in South Africa have used the active ingredients in this plant to suppress their appetite as they go on extended hunting trips.

Hoodia, also known as , looks very much like a cactus but it's technically a plant. Its flowers give off a strong and unpleasant odor. There are other species of Hoodia but only the Gordonii contains the molecule that makes it an appetite suppressant. This molecule has been named P57 by a British pharmaceutical company that discovered the ingredient in the 1990s.

Hoodia has been getting a lot of news coverage as a potential cure for obesity. It has been discussed on shows like Oprah, 60 Minutes, The Today Show and many other media outlets as the wonder diet pill. Not surprisingly, companies are racing to capitalize on Hoodia's effect as an appetite suppressant. Some drug companies are attempting to create a synthetic form of the P57 molecule.

Searching for the word Hoodia on the internet will result in many sites selling or discussing Hoodia. With the all attention it has been receiving in the last several years, it's not a surprise to see the increase of fake Hoodia pills available on the market. The demand for Hoodia has out paced the supply for this rare plant that can take 5-7 years to reach maturity. It is estimated than 80% of the Hoodia products available are not authentic. If you are thinking of using Hoodia, it is important to choose a merchant that offers pure Hoodia in order to conduct an accurate assessment.

According to Mike Adams, a well respected writer of health and natural products for the News Target web site, the brand from Millennium Health is one of a few brands that always scores high on the genuine Hoodia tests. The Hoodia Hoodia brand is consistently verified as being authentic Hoodia. According to Mike, these same brands are also rated higher in quality than what you can find in retail stores.

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