How Woman Over 30 Can Lose Belly Fat

By: heather picken

One of the most common things that I hear women say is how to get rid of that extra fat around their stomach..often referred as a "pooch". Many women think if they do a 1000 sit-ups a day that will get rid of it. Not true!

Having a flatter stomach actually has nothing to do with doing countless sit-ups, but has everything to do with having less body fat. Each time you lower your body fat that "pooch" will go down!

Here are 4 key things that you can do to reduce your body fat:

Eating more lean protein. Most women I find after they turn 30 tend to eat less protein and what they don't realize is that protein helps keep your metabolism high! Some great sources of protein can be found in chicken, fish, and egg whites.

Doing cardiovascular exercise with intensity: If you are leisurely just walking and not breathing hard and working up a sweat, chances are you are not pushing your body enough to burn off that fat. The more intense your workout is the more fat your body will burn.

Include resistance training: Some women will focus only on cardiovascular exercise and leave out the weight training. Your metabolism actually stays elevated after a weight training session throughout the day. Whereas with cardiovascular exercise you are burning the fat during that session and lasts an hour or two afterwards. Both types of exercise play an important part on reducing your body fat.

Drinking too much alcohol. If you are consuming too many drinks during the week this can be counter-productive to losing fat. Alcohol actually impairs your metabolism. You don't have to cut it out completely but you do need to be aware of it's affect on burning fat. I once consulted with a woman who exercised and ate great but drank too much. As a result her body fat would not go down. After she told me how many drinks she had in a week, I had her cut her intake in half and week later her body fat went down.

So forget about doing a 1000 sit-ups to loose the "pooch". Focus on these 4 keys to start blasting that fat and feeling great about yourself!

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