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Wheat Grass Juice

By: Anna Goldstein
When it comes to food, if it's green, you know it's good for you. You also know you "should" have at least a few servings of vegetables a day. But sometimes you just don't want to eat your veggies (cake tastes better!)...that's understandable.

Instead of eating greens, you can drink them by taking a shot of wheat grass juice.

The manager of Jamba Juice on Houston Street of New York, Kristine Simpson, says to drink wheat grass juice because:

"It detoxes your blood and supplements your vegetables1 ounce of wheat grass juice = 1 lb of raw vegetables(When you cook vegetables it strips them from its nutrients). So wheat grass juice is loaded with nutrients you need from vegetables. It also assists in digestion, helps metabolize energy and fat. And wheat grass helps bolster your immune system."

You can load up on your daily veggies easily by taking a shot of wheat grass. It'll boost your energy and have you feeling great.

Who would have thought that taking a shot could be so good for you?

Here's to adding nutritional value to your diet. Throw back the green juice (it tastes like sweat grass).


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