Repairing Your Hybrid Car

By: Thomas Jones

You look around while your stopped at a traffic light and realize that your surrounded by hybrids. Then it hits you that hybrids really are the new wave of the coming future. Hybrids offer many features that the conventional car does not have. But no matter how advances hybrids are they are still expensive to purchase and repair, just like any other car. Some repairs and problems with a hybrid need to be done by a hybrid certified mechanic. Before you make the leap and buy a new hybrid you might want to take a look at two of the major repairs you might have to deal with after you make your purchase.

Engine and Motor Repairs

Just like conventional cars hybrids also have a gasoline only internal combustion engine. During the life of your car there will probably be a point where your car will leak oil and will then be in need of repair. You might have a point where your hybrid's motor will not babel to turn over or the connective system that runs your wiring could become loose and will need to be repairs. Because unlike the conventional car hybrids have both an electric motor and a gasoline engine the make up that lies under the hood of a hybrid is quite different from a conventional car. While a hybrid is great in so many ways a regular mechanic might not be qualified or have the ability to service your hybrids engine or motor.

The Battery Pack

If your used to driving a conventional car you know that they run on a lead acid battery. When it dies you can usually replace it easily yourself. You just have to purchase on at the local auto part store, purchase a new battery and replace it in only a few hours. Sometimes conventional car battery issues can even be solved by simply giving it a jump start. Hybrids on the other hand are not so simple to fix. The ability to hook your car up to another vehicle to get a jump is not an option for a hybrid. The hybrid does not come equipt with a place to hook the cars together and if you try to do so you will more than likely end up ruining both cars, permanently.

If the battery pack in a hybrid fails you only have two options to fix it. Both of these options involve a specially trained mechanic. You might only have one cell inside the hybrid battery pack that is malfunctioning or it could be the whole battery pack that is malfunctioning. If it is only one cell in your battery pack that will only cost you about $180. If it is the entire battery pack your look at a cost of about $4,000 or even more. It depends on the type of hybrid you own.

It takes time for mechanics to become trained for all the new parts of technology that are coming into our world. Over the years things will change and there will be more mechanics available to hybrid cars. But for now the pool is quite limited.

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