Why Hybrid Cars are Better

By: Thomas Jones

You buy one of the best conventional cars on the lot. It offers you an internal combustion engine, has lots of torque, it's speedy and even has a 3 CD changer. Your neighbor buys the same car but his is a hybrid. Why did he buy a hybrid? What makes a hybrid any different from the car you bought? Here is a list of six reasons why your neighbor bought a hybrid compared to a conventional car.

1. Miles per gallon: Hybrid cars get about 30 more miles per gallon than any conventional car. If your conventional car is getting about 32 miles to the gallon then your neighbor is probably getting about 62 miles per gallon. This can make a big difference in your gas budget every month, especially with gas prices on the rise. In the future hybrids are hoping to be able to get about 100 miles to the gallon. Sounds nice to me.

2. Oil changes less often: The conventional car you bought will likely need to have an oil change about every 3,000 miles. Your neighbor's hybrid on the other hand will only need an oil change about every 5,000-6,000 miles. The break down of this is if you only drive about 1,000 miles a month you will only need to change the oil in a hybrid twice per year compared to a conventional car that will need to have it's oil changed four times a year. Sounds like the hybrid is saving you even more money.

3. Helps protect the environment: Hybrid use less gasoline so they give off less emissions that are causing the greenhouse gases. This is because many hybrid cars use two different types of energy to power them, gasoline and electricity. Hybrids are helping to reduce the effects emissions are having on the worlds oil, reduce smog and help the ozone.

4. Hybrids are smart: Many hybrids come with a feature that will automatically turn the engine off when your idling or if the speed your going is less than 15 miles per hour. Once you press on the accelerator it will automatically restart the engine. This will help lower your use of gasoline even more.

5. Hybrids Repairs: Although hybrids have made many advances in technology they are still similar enough to a conventional car so they can go to just about any auto shop for repairs, regular maintenance and body work.

6. Hybrids are safer: Most people can not truly understand why a hybrid is so much safer that a conventional car. Simply put the battery in a hybrid car is nickel laid instead of the lead acid battery that is found in conventional cars. The hybrid also require less gasoline. Because of these two factors there is less potential for there to be a disaster in the hybrid is in an accident. So it makes the hybrid much safer compared to a conventional car in an accident.

There are also several other reasons why a hybrid car is better than the conventional car. It is up to you what kind of car you choose to purchase.

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