What is a Collision Insurance?

By: rome sanzio

It is a fact of life in this age and time that vehicular accidents occur quite frequently. According to a survey conducted in the United States in 2005, more than 6.5 million car accidents occurred that year which cost 230 billion US dollars in property damages. If you think about it, 230 billion is such an obscenely large amount of money and that was just on 2005. Yes, car collision usually result to lots of expenses and trouble, but the more unfortunate fact is that car accidents are also very frequent. The same survey mentioned as before also showed that one person dies because of vehicle accidents every 13 minutes, and that is only in the United States.

So why do you think I am telling you all these facts and figures? Precisely because these numbers and statistics are very real. Vehicle traffic incidents and car crashes are real dangers of the 21th century which you need to protect yourself from. And how exactly do you keep yourself from being a victim of car crashes? Well for one, driving safely and conscientiously is important, having a well-maintained and safe vehicle too. But aside from those things, you also need to get yourself a collision insurance.

A collision insurance in a nutshell is an auto insurance that would provide you coverage in case of a collision incident. They would not cover anything else. If your car was stolen, vandalized, lost, burned, mobbed by a riot and in some cases, even if it was hit by a missile, your collision insurance would not cover it.

So you ask yourself what then do they cover. Although different insurance companies may offer different terms and additional clauses, most auto insurance companies would cover your expenses and damages to property when your car was involved in a collision. Most collision insurances would cover you even though you have been the cause of the collision or not. And the term car collision may also include not just car to car collision but also instances when you hit a pedestrian, an object such as a lamp post, another vehicle or the road surface.

Depending on your coverage, collision insurances may cover all your repair expenses including the paint job, auto part replacement, mechanical repairs and many more. They may also cover damages to be payed for object, vehicles and pedestrians you have collided with but the specific details would of course vary.

If your vehicle was complete totaled or too badly damaged, some collision insurance companies may even suggest that they replace your car instead of spending thousands repairing an old one. But of course, there would be several factors to be taken into consideration first before the collision insurance company decides just how much of the damages and repairs they would cover. If the collision was brought about by your negligence, like when the breaks didn't work because you forgot to replace the break fluids, there might be some problem with the insurance company then. Other aspects such as your age, experience as a driver, previous accident history an other factors would also be taken into consideration.

But let's forget the technical details. The point is, having a collision insurance is important because you are guaranteed protection from collision accidents that you, of course, would not foresee and which you may not be financially able to handle yourself. Wouldn't you feel like you can drive with a more at eased mind knowing that you are protected?

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