Toyota Announces Recall, Toyota Auto Body Announces a New Plant

By: Evander Klum

Toyota has recently announced a safety recall of around 30,500 2007-2008 Lexus ES 350 models and some 24,500 2007-2008 Toyota Camry models that are equipped with an optional all-weather floor mat.

The Japanese automaker said that the optional all-weather floor mats need to be secured by retaining hooks to prevent it from sliding forward which may interfere with the accelerator pedal, preventing it from returning to its idle position.

All concerned owners are to be notified through mail beginning next week complete with information onto when replacement mats will be made available as well as the steps that they can take until such time comes. The replacement mats are also for free so owners need not worry.

Toyota Motor Corporation the producer of high quality would also like to remind its customers that until the replacement all-weather floor mat is available they just have to make sure that their floor mats are properly secured using the retaining hooks that the company has provided.

For car owners that are affected by the recall you may contact Toyota at the following numbers: (888) 270-9371 or Lexus at (800) 255-3987.

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