Houston Craigslist Cars Obstacles

By: khalid r mustaffa

Just like the traditional channels of purchasing a car, you will have to meet moral and immoral sellers. The actions of the immoral, are making it harder and harder for those morally ethical sellers because the general consensus is becoming that every car being sold has a hidden problem. Houston craigslist cars also has immoral dealers, or private sellers that are willing to bend backwards to convince you that the car is in perfect condition, and no mechanical work need to be done on it.

To analyze the Houston car market on Craig's list, I decided for the purposes of this article to pick a popular car, Toyota Camry. The analyzing process involved contacting every listed Toyota Camry. The process lead me to come up with a list of obstacles that you should be ready for when using Houston craigslist cars. Hence, just like I stress in every other article I write, watch out for scams, and do you homework.

Houston craigslist cars gives you the option to chose between cars listed by dealers, or private sellers. This turned out to be a problem, because almost every dealer had their car listed on both categories, with different description, and slightly different price. I was surprised by the fact that almost half of the population I contacted thinking would be a private seller, turned out being a dealer.

Missing information or incomplete information. A big percentage of the cars were missing one or a combination of the odometer reading, the transmission, and the title status. Sometimes it was because the seller forgot about it, which is fine with me, so long I would get an answer that fits the asking price.

An inconvenience that I face shopping on Houston craigslist cars, is the face that some sellers don't list their phone number, of course this leads me to believe that they are not serious about selling, especially after I emailed every seller with no listed phone number, and soon later found out that they were asking much more than the fair market value for the car. And when I asked about the reason for not listing the phone number, they said because we only want serious buyer. for more information, visit the section I dedicated my website you are interested in obtaining more information about .

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