Harley Davidson F-150 Packs With More Muscle

By: Kraig Johanssen

Ford major stockholder of Mazda the maker of top-of-the-line together with Harley Davidson the renowned motorcycle maker will indulge in a joint venture again to create what they do best---trucks. This may come as a surprise but Ford and Harley has been producing some of the truly impressive trucks for nine years now. Overall the tandem has produced over 60,000 Ford and Harley pickups.

In the span of nine years Ford and Harley has been able to do some remarkable improvements on the appearance of the trucks like for instance they were responsible for the SuperCab and SuperCrew body styles, regular box, and flared fenders. And for the past two years, they have been consistently making improvements on the Harley truck which by the way now rides on a SuperCrew body style with a regular bed.

Powertrain wise, the standard F-150 fared well with its 5.4 liter Triton 24-valve V8 that can be driven through either the rear, or on all four wheels. Ford will also produce a very rare diesel-powered, F-250 Super Duty Harley Davidson truck.

But for this year, 2007, the F-150 Harley Davidson will be pretty much the same as last year.

It comes in two exterior colors from which buyers may choose from namely Ebony or Amethyst. Its exterior features include chrome-plated 22-inch wheels, special Harley Davidson badge, blacked out headlamp bezels, and seven-bar chrome-plated grille. Although, there won't be much changes on the appearance of the F-150 Harley Davidson but try to peep under its bonnet and you will see its new powerplant.

It can be remembered that buyers of the previously presented Harley Davidson F-150 were complaining about the lack of power of the truck. They said that the truck just didn't meet up to its modified appearance.

The previously produced Harley Davidson F-150 trucks particularly those of 2002 model year were packed with the powerplant derived from the Ford-F-150 Lightning. It produces 340 horsepower compared to the present Harley F-150 that produces only 300 horsepower in short instead of improving its somewhat deteriorated in terms of power.

And that's not all, the Harley F-150 is also short in power as compared to its competitors in the full-size pickup truck segment like for instance the Dodge's HEMI-powered Ram that revs up a mighty 345 horsepower and of course let us not forget Toyota's 5.7 liter iForce powered Tundra that produces 380 horsepower.

Fortunately, Ford is not the type to just sit around and do nothing. It started calling some friends at Saleen to help it develop a solution. And they did come up with a solution alright! The new F-150 Harley Davidson will develop an impressive 450 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque courtesy of the twin-screw supercharger and a dual stage water-to-air intercooler combo. This setup is similar with the one employed on the Mustang, the Shelby GT 500, that helps it produce 500 horsepower output.

Aside from the mechanical bits, the new F-150 Harley is also given a louder exhaust note, coupled with a pair of dash-top instruments that keep track of the supercharger's boost and air charge temperature. This new improve Harley Davidson F-150 is going to be available in a four-door, short box configuration that includes a four-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive. And this time Ford has made sure that nobody will complain that the Harley F-150 lacks power.

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