Daimlerchrysler Orders Nighthawk System Units

By: Dwyane Thomas

Nighthawk Systems, Incorporated, a leading provider of intelligent wireless power management and emergency notification solutions has recently announced that it has received an additional order for customized wireless power control units which are to be used by DaimlerChrysler manufacturer of best in quality in controlling the venting of heat in their Trenton, Michigan engine plant.

Nighthawk also added that they have received initial order for the same units last March of this year. The 2.1 million square feet plant covers 136 acres and contains hundreds of exhaust fans that control the emission of heat from the plant. It was Nighthawk that developed custom units to enable DaimlerChrysler to control the exhaust fans wirelessly from almost anywhere whether it's from the inside or from the outside of the plant.

The Nighthawk will help DaimlerChrysler to get rid of expensive wiring costs and will allow plant officials to turn on and off the fans remotely in order to balance the amount of heat escaping the plant. This will better enable DaimlerChrysler to manage the condition within the plant based on external factors such as weather and even on internal factors such as lighter product loads especially during holiday schedules. The American Messaging with facilities on site in Trenton will provide the wireless access for application.

Last September 2006, Nighthawk announced that they and the American Messaging has agreed to join forces in order to provide telemetry solutions to enterprise customers who are making use of the American Messaging's wireless network. The American Messaging is currently the second largest paging company in the United States with approximately 1.5 million customers and providing network coverage in 98 of the top 100 markets and in all 50 states.

About Nighthawk Systems, Inc.

Nighthawk is the leading provider of intelligent wireless power control products that enable simultaneous activation or de-activation of multiple assets or systems on demand. Nighthawk's also installed customer base services like major electric utilities, internet service providers and fire departments in over 40 states. The Nighthawk's products also enable custom message display making them especially ideal for use in traffic control and emergency notification situations. More about the Nighthawk system is found at the company's web site at www.nighthawksystems.com.

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