Tonneau Cover Maintenance and Cleaning Guides

By: Noah Scott

Tonneau covers (like ) are made of leather, vinyl or other soft flexible materials used for protecting the interior of a convertible when the soft top is down. Tonneau covers are also used in pickup trucks to protect the luggage or other stuff placed at the truck's bed from dirt particles and other foreign objects.

To prolong the usage and function of tonneau covers, you should check it regularly for wear outs, looseness, and other debris caught on the cover. Check mounting hardware regularly to insure that all bolts or clamps are tight. Lit is also recommended that you lubricate the locks regularly with a quality Teflon or silicone spray by using a can with an insertable plastic tube. Best of all, check the manufacturer of the tonneau cover for specific maintenance and cleaning guides since there are several tonneau cover designs and types.

When cleaning your tonneau cover, make sure to clean your vehicle and cover in shaded place like under a tree or in an open garage. Start by washing your lid with cool, clean water and a mild soap. Make sure to first flood the lid with water to remove surface grit that will scratch the finish when wiped. Next, using a hose, rinse the cover well making sure to remove all traces of soap and wipe off excess water using a sponge. Be careful to hose down the entire car to prevent soap from streaking your car's paint finish. Do not use chemicals like detergents, dish washing liquids, bleaches, harsh cleansers, strong cleaners, dry-cleaning solvents, or any other strong chemicals as a cleanser. These chemicals can have harmful substances on its mixture that could damage your tonneau covers. Moreover, avoid using hot water when cleaning the cover.

If you have a vinyl tonneau cover, apply some quality vinyl cleaner that you can find in the nearest auto shop. Using a white all-cotton towel, wash the entire tonneau cover with the cleaner. Make sure to follow the instructions found on your chosen cleaner to help you out in your work and to avoid damaging your tonneau covers. Wash the entire tonneau cover and never spot clean to avoid rings or bright spots on your tonneau covers. Make sure that you will only use soft cotton cloth or sponge as a cleaning tool. Do not use rough abrasive cleaning pads because it can scratch the vinyl creating pores that allows dirt and other unwanted particles to stick.

Repeat the cleaning process if you feel that you haven't done enough and the tonneau cover is still dirty.

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