Chinese Trucks to be Built in the U.s

By: KatieJones

Car companies have been investing in China, but Tiger Truck refuses to go with the flow. Recently, the truck manufacturer announced that they will be producing Chinese trucks in the U.S. The assembly plant will be located in Jasper, Texas.

In a ceremony to announce the construction of the assembly plant, the owners of Tiger Trucks, Texas Congressman Kevin Brady, and other state officials were present. They jointly announced that Tiger Trucks will be the manufacturing trucks that are designed by the ChangAn Automobile Group and this is China's third largest truck manufacturer.

"With so many U.S. manufacturers investing in China, I am particularly pleased to be investing in the U.S., hiring skilled U.S. workers and delivering superior products made here for our market in the Americas," says Mike Ward, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Trucks. "While others are trying to buy cheap parts from China, we are seeking important OEM and sourcing agreements with key U.S. suppliers. I couldn't be more pleased with our long-standing partnership with ChangAn that leads to this historic first. In our off-road vehicle class, Tiger has been first to build an automatic transmission, 4WD, limited slip differential, electric drive, hybrid drive, and now, we will be the first to deliver true 'Made in U.S.' vehicles with a Chinese heritage. Our strong dealer network and fast-growing number of users seem to like what we are doing and now we can do it even better," Ward added further.

The assembly plant to be constructed in Jasper will produce vehicles in early 2008. About 80 percent of the vehicles to be assembled at the Jasper plant will be for export. Tiger Trucks announced that they have initially planned the production of two truck platforms.

The first platform will support the Champ - a full-size pickup truck which will be available in either 2-door or 4-door configuration. The Leopard will also be built around the same platform as the Champ. The Leopard will be only for export and will be fitted with a diesel engine, dual rear-wheels and other features which will make it an efficient on-road vehicle.

The second platform is still to be named, but it is made for medium-duty truck. The vehicles to be built around the second platform will not only be built for export but will also be available in the U.S. market.

Congressman Brady expressed the sentiments of the community in his speech at the announcement ceremony: "With all the choices in North America available to Tiger Truck for the location of this important plant serving a large section of the international marketplace, we are particularly pleased that this remarkable facility was now available surrounded by an eager and skilled workforce positioned as it is to meet so many of your strategic objectives. All of Texas is celebrating this historic first with Tiger and we look forward to many good things to come."

Just like the way a protects the engine, the construction of the assembly plant will also protect the interest of skilled American auto workers.

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