Top 7 Auto "must-haves"

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Purchasing a new car is an exciting experience but it may be confusing to some. With so many choices available, one can hardly decide which brand or model to choose. Every purchaser and consumer in the market is exercising his discretion in the hope of having the best. Yet, despite how well equipped even the most expensive cars can be, most of the time they leave the showroom with several accessories lacking. Thus, it is crucial for an aficionado to have a handy list of auto must-haves.

Car Cover
A car cover is vital to keep the car from foreign elements when parked at the garage or left outside. Indoor air pollution, grime, dust, sun rays, water, moisture, oil, bird poop, wind, and small impacts destroy the car's finish so there has to be a car cover to protect it. A four layer, breathable car cover costs less than $200; more sophisticated versions cost even more.

Floor Mats
There are cars sold without floor mats. It may seem odd but floor mats oftentimes miss the accessory list of automakers. They are not usually included with any sale. But, you see, without floor mats, cars would be messy, inconvenient and uncomfortable. The interior would be soiled, soaked and damaged. But the worst damage that a car owner could get when floor mats are not around is on the automotive carpeting. Bad news is an understatement when the need of replacing it arises.

Car Bra
They are chic and cool but car bras are more than those. A car bra offers protection to the grille and to the front portion of the hood. It helps deflect debris from the road. They are pretty essential especially when traversing interstates.

Bug Shields
Bug shields, also known as bug deflectors, are necessary especially in humid countries. Unfortunately, none of the automakers is offering bug shields as standard equipment. Hence, in order to seize the protection that bug shields are offering, there is a need for car owners to purchase them.

Cargo Liners
Like the interior of the vehicle, its trunk area is also subject to debris, dirt, mud and other unwanted elements. Some of the most reliable automakers these days have wised up over the years and incorporated cargo liners as standard equipment. However, some automakers made the equipment a costly add-on, and an after-the-sale accessory.

Bumper Filler
Bumpers play a significant role in the car's aesthetics. To enhance it further, add-ons like the bumper step, bumper cover, bumper end, bumper moulding, and bumper filler are added.

Brake Dust Shields
Brake dust shields do not give any safety function but they definitely boost the aesthetic facets of a vehicle. , for instance, emphasize the curves and lines of the automaker's models. They not only limit the dust, they also smarten cars. Car owners usually spend much for their tires and wheels. And to further improve the looks of the car, brake dust shields could be used to serve that purpose.

The quickest way to ruin the wheels of a vehicle is to let brake dust gather unrestrained. The driver can opt to clean the wheels on a daily basis, but the query is - who has the time? The easiest remedy is through the use of brake dust shields. They are sold in pairs and could be subjected to customization. Kleen Wheels shields are also designed to entertain high end car lines.

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