When Car Repairs Go Wrong

By: Sarah Mcbride

Cars could act up any time. And when it does, you, most of the time, try to find a way to fix the problem yourself. Mainly, this kind of reaction towards such a vehicle situation is because of two things. First, you would not want to have your car fixed by somebody else and you, in turn, would not have a car to drive around. And second, having your car fixed by a mechanic would mean having to pay huge sums of money.

But what do you do when you bring your car to the repairman and yet when you get your car back, it seems like the repair has not been totally repaired but you do need to rush back to the mechanic and have it fixed? Again. You imagine all the expenses you would be facing for another repair and you think you would then need another set of . And you start to heat up and want to jump at the throat of that mechanic who handled your car.

According to auto experts and to businessmen, being aggressive and hot headed would not give you the results you want. In fact, it could only bring about a much greater issue and would only lead to more hassles and complications. No, of course, they are not saying that you should just let it go and rather bring your car to another mechanic. Being polite and courteous would help you out through a long way.

As soon as you realize that there is still something wrong with your car, return your car to the shop. Then you should politely ask to speak to the manager and the mechanic who worked on your car. And when you speak with them face to face, explain your dilemma and use as much detail as possible to let them understand completely your car's trouble. You could even try going for a test drive with the mechanic so that you can show him the problem you encountered.

You see, being hot and angry would do you not much. As long as you do know where you stand and what your rights are, you might even get much more than what you paid for that faulty repair.

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