High Quality Ford Grilles: Combining Style and Function

By: Terry Brown

An old dictum says, "Form follows function." Since this idea hasbeen conceptualized in the late 19th century, it has become abasic rule among designers, whatever field they may be into.Auto designers follow this simple philosophy as well; thus, fastand high performance sports cars have aerodynamic body and SportUtilities and other off-road vehicles have muscular and robustappearance and hard wearing auto parts. These vehicles' exteriorand components are designed according to the driving activitiesfor which they are fitted and used.

Some auto parts have more than one function. Among these is thegrill or grille - for your vehicle. This part isdesigned not only to perform a task crucial to the car'sperformance but it is designed to add style and aestheticrefinement to the vehicle, too. While the form of the follows itsfunction, it includes the element of style. In effect, itdoesn't only enhance the performance but also, the car's looksand over-all appeal.

The grille serves as an opening to the front end of the vehicle;thus, it has holes through which the air passes. As it allowsair to pass, the grill helps in cooling the engine and ofcourse, in improving its performance; thus, its use cannot besimply disregarded. The grille is connected to the shroud of theradiator so it also called as the radiator grille or theradiator air inlet. From the grille, the air goes directly tothe radiator and to the engine.

A car without a grille in front would not be beautiful to beholdand so a grilles is also used to conceal parts under the hoodthat can be seen through the hole where it is placed. For addedstyle, most grilles are mounted with a metal or plastic insert.If you want your old Ford to look more luxurious andsophisticated, you can choose to get a new shiny billet aluminumgrill insert or if you want to achieve a monochromatic effect,you can get a plastic grill insert whose color matches the bodyof your car.

Replacing your grille and other exterior auto parts could be aperfect way to restyle and customize your vehicle and make itstand out from the rest of the cars on the road. If you want toknow more about a car grille and other restyling auto parts andaccessories, you can check Auto Parts Inner, one of the leadingreplacement sources online. You can findhere high quality Ford grilles and other Ford parts for variousmodels like Ford, F150, Ford Bronco, Ford Escape, Ford Escort,Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Ford Focus and many others.

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