Future of Cars From Ten Years Now

By: carazoo.com

Have you ever imagined what will be the future of cars in another ten years? Now it self we are dealing with cars with unique and special features, we have cars for every family, small or big, for every purpose. There is every thing that a person needs in a car and what will be next?

The technology is growing at such a speedy way that we can even expect a car with wings or may fitted with rocket engine, any thing and everything is possible. Now we have cars made up of iron and steel body may be in future we can see other materials like aluminum or even thermoplastic that will reduce the weight of the car.

There will computerized engine connected with a voice enabled ignition, that will help to start the car. The will be a display board updating you on live news, games, market information and much more.

The future car will be much lighter compare to the present ones and also compact. The seating format may change to 3 seater, delivering much higher fuel efficiency, and with the speed of manufacturers utilizing steel, there will be a time when steel will rest in the history books. And that will lead to the newer inventions of materials like use of super light alloys of steel for the body or even trendier will be the transparent fiber. The designs and the interiors will be more challenging.
The time taken to manufacture a car will also be reduced may be a complete car will be ready to hit the roads in just one month. There will drastic changes in the suspension, brake system and even batteries.

Ten years form now and we may see total gizmos on the Indian roads.

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