Tips That Will Separate Your Car From The Pack At The Car Show

By: Gregg Hall

If you are going to be in a car show then you are going to need to make your car look nice and stand out to try and win some awards and prizes. If you cannot afford the stuff to clean your car before a car show then you shouldn't be entering the car show in the first place. What you are going to want to do is clean the car inside and out then wash the car inside and out. Then you are going to want to detail the car before you wax it and finish it up before you leave to go to the car show.

Your first step should always be cleaning the inside of the car. Getting everywhere in between the seats behind the seats everywhere that you can. If I was you and haven't cleaned the car in a while I would just take the seats out of the car and just get her clean really good then after that just make sure the whole entire inside of the car is spotless then you will move on to the exterior of the car.

When you are cleaning the outside of the car you want to be careful to not scratch the paint and the finish on your clear coat. That will ruin any chances that you had at winning the car show so be careful when washing and cleaning the outside. You are going to want to wash every piece of body on the car. Then you will want to wash and polish the rims then you should be looking pretty clean after all that. If you still are cleaning and polishing the morning of the show then you waited too long. You are still going to need to wax it before you go and make her look shiny. After you wash and wax you are going to want to do a check and make sure everything is clean and I mean every little detail.

You are going to want to wash the windows really good I mean thoroughly and make sure there isn't a hair on the whole car much less the windows. So after you have washed the car you are just going to want to do a good check up on the car and make sure that you don't need to do some more washing before you leave for the show.

Your tires and rims need to be looking their best when it comes to this time and you getting ready for the show. When you arrive at the car show you should wash the tires and rims again because you most likely drove on them to get where you are now at the car show most likely unless you had an accident on the way to the car and then your car is really going to need to be cleaned. You just need to make your car look clean and fresh when you show up to a car show that you expect to be in.

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