Buying Used Rental Cars: Major Advantages and Disadvantages

By: Adam Boulton

A rental car is like any other used car and most cars may have scrapes and scratches. However their engines are maintained better probably than most privately owned cars since constant care and maintenance are undertaken during their use. Most cars will be clean when purchased from the top companies. These companies remove them from service after two or three years of age and by that time, the rental car would have already undergone a larger portion of depreciation. However the prices tend to be on the higher side when bought from such rental companies. Extended warranties can be obtained for an additional amount for full coverage.
The market for used cars has changed significantly in recent years and will still continue to grow towards emulating the experience of buying a new car. The rental agencies offer a viable option for purchase when buying a used vehicle. Rental cars can be a great investment for people looking for a suitable vehicle contrary to popular belief that these cars woould have been abused by the rental company drivers previously. The maintenance records will mostly be clearly documented which is a huge plus. Since every vehicle owned by the rental company will be the bread and butter and to keep them in good working condition is a good business sense.
The older model vehicles of the Rental car agencies are often disposed of in public sales.

Most people use this method for buying their family cars regularly. As the rental companies are not trying to make a profit, prices are also often lower than offered by used-car dealers. We will now consider in detail the Pros and Cons of purchase of used cars from rental companies.
Advantages of of Rental car purchase:
The buyer knows where the car is coming from. It is more likely that the cars have been well maintained and kept clean during its life as a rental car. Clean maintenance records will be offered as a back up. Even otherwise, this should be insisted upon to make sure that the car has been properly taken care of.
Another attractive factor for purchasing a rental car is low pricing. Vehicles of less than a year old and having less than 20,000 miles clocked in their odometers are offered by many rental car agencies. Whenever a new model is for sale, it does not necessarily indicate that the vehicle is problematic and that there should be any room for suspiscion. Rental companies normally procure their vehicles at a bare minimum pricing in a lot thus enabling them to sell again at very competitive prices.
Warranty will still be existing when a car is purchased through a rental car company as they are sold sometimes within a year of purchase which may have a reasonable mileage. There is also a good possibility that there still will be some time left from the manufacturers warranty period. This is another advantage. A little peace of mind will be left considering the cons of purchasing a rental car.
Disadvantages of Rental car purchase:
The rental companies sometimes may have no idea of how the car is actually used and its endurances while in the custody of the individual to whom it is rented to. Though there will be some assurance that the car was not mistreated, it is known a fact that the cars would have been suffered to abuse by the rental car agency drivers.
Though the rental agencies inspect the car upon its return to their lot for ensuring that there has been no damage, it is still reported at that point that it is largely cosmetic and while aesthetics are also important, what is inside really counts. Thorough Inspection by an outside and unaffiliated mechanic will be better to ensure that the vehicle has not suffered any mechanical damages at the hands of a thoughtless renter. Mechanical soundness is the true bottom line even while cosmetic issues are important with any used car purchase.

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