Exporing Polaris Predator, One of the Better Known Atvs

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

Polaris is an ATV company which makes many different types of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) and snowmobiles. These sturdy and powerful vehicles have been designed to take on whatever terrain their owners decide to go up against, and the Polaris Predator is one of their better known ATVs.

This powerful ATV has different versions that are capable of performing differently but they all deliver the ultimate statement in power. The Polaris Predator comes in 4 versions. They are the Predator 500, Predator Troy Lee Edition, Polaris Predator 90 and the Predator 50. When you buy one of these Polaris Predator ATVs you will find that there may be a chromoly axle, which is said to be stronger than the steel axles of competitors.

You'll also find that the brake lines are made from braided stainless steel. Since the brake lines have been made from stainless steel that has been braided you will discover that these brake lines are stronger and because of their construction method these brake lines will give you a more consistent braking.

The Polaris Predator also has a skid plate that is made from compression-molded UHMW polyethylene. This skid plate has given the Polaris Predator more protective abilities. And the shock absorbers which can be found on a Polaris predator will be the premium Fox Racing Shox. These items help propel the Polaris Predator into the forefront of racing ATVs.

These are just a few of the general abilities of the Polaris Predator that you will find. As was stated earlier each of these Polaris Predators has different specifications that allow them to perform to their peak. For the Polaris 500 which is the current favorite, you will find these types of specifications.

The engine of the Polaris is electric. It has a displacement of 499 cc's and the engine type is a 4 stroke DOHC. To help keep the engine running in top condition there is a really good, cooling liquid. The carburetion is Mikuni 42 mm BSR.

The drivetrain is a 5 speed transmission with reverse, and will have either a manual drive shift or a drive clutch. And the Final Drive is a 520 O-ring chain. You will also find that the Polaris Predator 500 is equipped with a front Dual A-arm suspension and the rear suspension is a non-link Swing arm.

Besides these features the Polaris predator is equipped with other items and specifications which makes it the frontrunner of its field. You can't do much better than a Polaris Predator and that's the truth.

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