The Joy And Caution Of Owing A Pocket Bike

By: Jerry Johnson

Watch out, here comes the pocket rockets or better known as pocket bikes. What are these contraptions? Are they legal to ride on the road? First of all, a pocket bike is a two wheeled powered scooter that has a seat or saddle for the use of the rider. They are definitely not chosen or contrived for highway use. To ride one of these things on the highways means you need your head examine, that is if you survive the experience.

The pocket bike you have acquired or obtained is firmly prohibited from being operated on a sidewalk, roadway, or any other part of a highway, or on a bikeway, bicycle path or trail, equestrian trail, hiking or recreational trail, or on public lands open to off highway vehicle use. A violation of this regulation may have the consequence of being prosecuted and/or seizure of the device. So much for all the legal warnings.

Now for the fun part. Pocketbikes are miniature motorcycles powered by 40-49cc gasoline engines or even electric motors. They are being advertised and sold improperly as "motor scooters". They meet the definition in many states as a motorcycle.

Some states define a "motorcycle" as any motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for use by the rider, designed to travel on not more then three wheels in contact with the ground, and weighing less then 1500 lbs. Since the motors on pocket bikes are usually 50cc or under, they are additionally defined as a "motor driven cycle".

These little buggers can really get up and go. It is not usual to be able to hit 40 mph or higher. You got to remember, no matter how cute these pocket rockets are, they are not a toy but a serious motorcycle. As such, serious injuries can occur.

Most of the pocket bikes are bought for kids. Kids usually don't have any fears of injuries so the adult, that's you, have to make sure you keep them safe. They need to wear full body armor, motorcycle helmet, motorcycle gloves, boots, goggles and anything else that will provide safety to them.

Your kid is going to love their pocketbike but they need adult supervision. Make sure you are outside with them and paying attention to them while they are riding. The pocket rockets are fun and by keeping your child safe, the fun will still be there.

By the way, I know as the adult you want to ride this wild thing also. Once you get paste the looking like whether you are riding or having it, the fun begins. Your size will make it harder to ride so be really careful. You might want to put on some protective gear and be a good example to your kid.

Pocket rockets are here to stay. Deals on pocketbikes are available online,auctions, and local outlets. They come in all colors and sizes. Remember to ride safe!

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