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Why Do I Need a Motion Detector?

By: Larry Zolna
Good answer -- but not exactly correct because Motion Detectors can do more than that -- much more than that at a much more affordable price.

You may not want an expensive security system in your home -- the learning curve can be long and confusing and you may have a monthly monitoring expense.

Motion Detectors can be stand-alones and portable. They can be placed anywhere you want to detect motion. They're not limited to your house. You can use them in your office, warehouse, store, back yard or garage -- just about anyplace you want to detect unsuspected motion.

OK, just what are some other uses for a Motion Detector? Here are just a few uses that you may not have thought about:

• College dorm rooms, Sorority and Fraternity houses -- no one needs to tell you, especially in these days, about college campus security. Just mention the tragedy at Virginia Tech and it can bring chills to a parent with a child away at college.

• Back doors and rear windows - everyone uses the front door. But putting a door alarm motion detector near the back door would alert you to possible intruders. And don't forget the back windows, especially on the first floor. Window motion detectors will let you know if someone is trying to get into your house through the window.

• Small children or even aged parents who live with you may need to be watched, especially if they wander around the house at night. A Motion Detector at their bedroom door or in the hallway will tell you if they leave their room.

• Teenagers sneaking in and out of the house at all hours -- you can monitor their activity at night with an alarm that is VERY loud, alerting the whole neighborhood -- or you may prefer another Motion Detector that will quietly alert you in your bedroom to any movement in your hallway. You have your choice!

• Driveways, sheds and back yards which contain boats, motorcycles, RVs or any other pieces of valuable equipment. Motion Detectors will alert you if someone is near these objects.

• Motels and hotel rooms - Motion Detectors are portable and can add extra door protection.

• Stores - Motion Detectors can be used to announce people coming into your store. You can also place one near your storeroom, back door or even near your safe or where you keep your valuables.

By the way, did you know that some Motion Detectors will call your cell phone and the police if someone trips the alarm? And, you can set these on silent alarm if you'd like so the cops can catch the creep while he's still in the house.

Another great safety product, although not a Motion Detector, is a Personal Alarm that is worn on a child's clothing or wrist that alerts the parent or nanny when the child wanders more than a few feet away, whether on the playground or in a shopping mall.

Don't be the next victim! A Motion Detector makes it possible for you to know that someone is in your house who shouldn't be. It gives you a chance to get ready for the intruder. You can prepare and arm yourself with a Stun Baton, Pepper Spray, or even a baseball bat. Now there's no need to go downstairs at night in your jammies to try and protect your house. You can call the police in plenty of time before the bad guy can get any closer to you or your family.

Don't become a Crime Statistic!

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Feel Safe and Secure is a seller of home protection and self defense products as well as wireless hidden cameras. For more information about these products, please visit our website at http://www.feelsafeandsecure.com

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