Illuminated House Numbers for Home Security

By: Martin Underwood

How can illuminated house numbers be an aid to your home security in any way? Well, if you have ever had to drive along a street at night trying to find a certain house you will know just how frustrating that task can be.

What is the number of that house, is that the one I'm looking for? Is that house number sixteen? If it is the one that I want must be three along, or is it, there is no way to tell for sure.

What happens then when the police are responding to a report of an intruder in your home, perhaps it was your monitored home security system that alerted them of the break-in. The officers do their best to reach your address in the quickest time possible tearing through the streets with sirens wailing. They reach your street but then are delayed because they can't immediately locate your house.

Your house may be numbered but in the dark and from the curbside what the number is impossible to tell. Would it not be better if the police did not have to waste valuable moments finding the correct address?

This is where illuminated house numbers can assist the police and play a role in your home security. Illuminated numbers that are clearly readable at night can help the police to identify your home that much quicker. Without wasted time the officers can get after that burglar that much sooner.

Clearly lighted house numbers help other emergency services find you rapidly too of course. If you, or a member of your family, have an accident at home you don't want the ambulance delayed because the medics were unable to identify your house.

Illuminated house numbers can also be a blessing in other situations too. If you have friends over for dinner it will be much easier for them to find your place. Order a cab at night and you will not be kept waiting around longer than necessary because the driver, having arrived in your street, cannot see the house number.

Naturally, to be effective your house number not only needs to be lit-up, it also has to be large enough to be read from the roadside. The number should not be obscured from any angle by trees, shrubs or bushes and needs to be fixed at the right height.

Many illuminated house number signs are solar powered, no wires to run, no maintenance. Exposure to direct sunlight is not necessary as long as the unit is open to the sky it will remain charged up and some of these solar units are capable of holding up to three-months of power. Most signs use LEDs, which use much less power than numbers back-lit by naked bulbs, are neat and stylish and are clearly visible at up to 200 feet.

Okay, you may not think that illuminated house numbers are as essential for protecting your home from burglars as an efficient alarm system, security cameras or strong locks, but anything that enables the police in identifying your home that much quicker in an emergency must be a good thing.

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