Protect yourself With a Home Security System

By: David Johnson

Now more then ever is the time to consider having your home or business equipped with a retrofitted state of the art security system. The reasons for this are many but one of the most glaring reasons is the rising crime rate and the revolving doors that have been fitted to the front of jails and prisons all around the world. The fact is, that every time a burglar is incarcerated one must be let out to make room for him and burglars have also become far more sophisticated at their craft.

This means that even if you already have a security system on your home or business, it may be outdated and the level of technology that it possesses may not be of the level that is required to deal with todays criminal. You may have already seen on TV how a burglar in a movie disabled a security system be clipping a wire with a handy pair of wire cutter and you may have told yourself that its TV drama and it just cant be that easy.

The sad truth is that it is just that easy to bypass many of the older home and business security systems but the good news is that technological advancements in micro-electronics has effectively plugged all of the holes that previously existed in those types of security systems. A new up-to-date security system not only has systems to protect your property but it will also have a separate system behind it to effectively protect the security system and the components that it is comprised of.

To start with, new up to date wireless technology in security systems has completely eliminated the wires that you have seen cut in those scenes from the spy movies that you have watched on your TV. Also, with a wireless system the signal is transmitted to the security companies monitoring station over the air just like a call from your cell phone.

All security systems also now come with a back-up power source that is ran off of batteries that can power the system for weeks if the power source is shut off. This is because what they didn't show on the TV shows that you were watching is that some security systems can be bypassed as easily as cutting the phone line or simply turning off the power at the breaker-box on the side of the building.

With the advent of small easy to conceal body heat and motion detectors security systems have become far more effective, as that have also become far more secure. This is because even if a burglar can see the motion or body heat detector, it is out of his reach, because it will sound the alarm if he even attempts to approach it.

Another new feature of modern up to date security systems is the security perimeter that can be established on the outside of a home or business, using body heat and motion detectors, that have a range of up to thirty-five feet. It is now possible to have a barrier that completely surrounds a building that will trip the system if anyone enters it, any time day or night, in any type of weather. These components are in fact so sensitive, that they have the ability to tell the difference between small animals such as cats and dogs and a human so there is never the risk of a false alarm.

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