New Wireless Technology in Home Security Systems

By: David Johnson

Home security systems are certainly not immune to technological advancements and one of the latest to arrive on the scene is wireless technology. Wireless technology improves many areas of the total home security system and provides for a more tamper resistant system as it also makes for far greater efficiency. It wasn't all that long ago that the only choice in a monitored system was through a telephone land-line that could easily be tampered with.

Now with new wireless technology, home monitoring is done over the air and this means that there is no phone wire that can be cut. Even the individual components of a home alarm system are now available wireless and this means a few positive things. To start with, a home security system can now be quickly and easier spread out further, because there are no wires to string out and run through the home or business.

For instance, this now means that a home security system can now begin to protect a home on the outside perimeter with state of the art wireless body heat and motion detectors that have an effective range of thirty-five feet. These high tech sensors operate in any weather conditions and are immune to false alarms triggered by small animals and they will sound the alarm if anyone comes within range of them.

Using these new wireless sensors, your home or business can now be completely surrounded by a wall of security that will detect an intruder before he has a chance to even reach their target. These same wireless motion detectors are also commonly used inside of a home or building and operate the same way as they do outside. They are truly the answer to the business owner who worries about someone hiding out inside their business during business hours.

New wireless technology also now extends to the arming mechanisms as well and this means that your home or business security system won't require you to rush to and from a key-board every time you are entering or leaving the home or building. They can now be activated and deactivated using a small clicker device that easily fits on a key chain and operates the same way as a car alarm device does. Simply give it a click when you are leaving your home and your alarm is set and the same is done to disarm it when you return.

Also, new voice recognition technology is also available the allows the user to actually give voice command to their security system. There are many advantages to a voice activated system particularly in commercial applications. In dealing with employees who may be using the alarm system it makes it so easy, because they done have to be told any code numbers, because all that is required is that their voice be programmed into the system.

There is far greater security, because there is no code number or clicker on anyones key chain. If the employee quits or is terminated, all that is required is to delete them from the voice recognition memory in the system and its as easy as that and there is no need to retrieve anything from them or change any codes.

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