Examine the Inner Workings of a Home Security System

By: David Johnson

It was back in the early seventies that home security systems began to appear in homes and even back then they were basically trip mechanisms that were installed on windows and doors. This meant that someone had to actually break into a home before the alarm would sound. Also, back then there were no automated security monitoring services such as ADT, so all there was, was an alarm that could be thwarted if someone possessed the know how.

Advancements in such things as micro-electronics and thermal detection technology have completely changed the way a modern home security system now functions. They still incorporate trip mechanisms on windows and doors but those now are just one of the several layers of security that compose todays home security and alarm systems.

New home security systems now give you the option of having a thirty-five foot security perimeter established around the outside of your home that will trip the alarm system if anyone enters it. It functions using ultra sensitive, high tech body heat and motion detectors that are finely calibrated to differentiate between a man and an animal, such as a cat or a dog. This means that there are never any false alarms in the security perimeter.

The same technology is incorporated in the sensors that are used inside of the residence or business as well. New modern home security systems are far more reliable and immune to tampering, because they use wireless technology and they also have an auxiliary power source made up of a battery pack that can power the system for weeks if necessary if the power is shut off on the home.

Voice recognition technology also makes for a far more secure arming/disarming mechanism. With voice recognition, the system is armed or disarmed by simply pressing a button and then giving it a spoken command. Modern alarm systems can also be turned on or off with a handy little button device that goes on a key chain, just like the alarm system on a car or truck.

While the alarm systems of yesterday basically performed one function and that was burglary protection, todays alarm systems do the same and so much more. Now modern home security systems also have the ability to detect a fire in a building using heat sensors that are strategically located around the interior of the home or building. These sensors will not only signal the alarm system, so it can then wake up everyone in the home and sound the siren on the outside of the home but the system will also automatically call the fire department as well.

Another important function of todays home security systems is carbon monoxide detection in case this poisonous gas is leaked from the homes gas heating system. Carbon monoxide gas kills people every year across America while they sleep, because it is virtually undetectable without a detection system. It has no smell or color and also gives no symptoms while it kills. The hapless victims of carbon monoxide poisoning merely fall asleep and never wake up again.

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