Basic Facts on Home Security Systems

By: David Johnson

With property crime rates on the upswing more and more people are giving serious consideration to having a home security system installed in their residence. While years ago this might have been a serious and expensive undertaking, with new wireless technology it is far more easy and inexpensive than it ever has been before. Wireless technology also translates into better security, because there are no wires to disable or cut in a wireless system.

Still one more positive aspect of a wireless home security system is that it can be spread further out far more easily, because there is no wiring to limit the system. For instance a thirty-five foot security perimeter can easily be established and maintained around your residence using concealed infrared and motion detectors that will signal to the control panel if anyone enters the controlled area.

These devices are the latest in high technology and can easily distinguish between animals, such as dogs and cats and a human, so there is no risk of false alarms. Wireless technology also means that a far more complex home security system is possible that easily includes fire detection, as well as carbon monoxide detection capabilities.

Both of these are life threatening risks that are in every home around the world if they have a gas heating system. While heat detection sensors in the home function to detect a fire if it should break out the carbon monoxide detection sensors protect lives by sounding the alarm if this poisonous gas should leak into the home from the heating system.

Now security system companies also offer a monitoring service that electronically watches your home from a monitoring station located somewhere in the area of the U.S. that you live in. With a monitored system the station is notified immediately if there is a problem at your home and its an added level of security that you can have on your home. For instance if you are out of town and your alarm is set off and no intruder is found they can make sure that your alarm is reset immediately and your home isn't subsequently left unprotected until you arrive back home.

Almost all new alarm systems come equipped with a panic button that will immediately call for help if you or anyone else in the home feels that they are in need of help. Also, now alarm systems come equipped with a back-up power source that can power the system for weeks on end if need be should the main power supply get shut off for any reason.

With all of these multiple layers of security protection one would think that that should be enough but there is still one more thing that is crucial to an effective home security system and that happens to be a sign and decals from a security company such as ADT. A recent survey of convicted burglars and felons found that well over ninety percent of them passed over properties and buildings that displayed ADT signs and decals on the premises when they were out scouting potential targets. This is important, because there is only one thing better than stopping a criminal who is breaking into your home and that is to discourage him from attempting to do so in the first place.

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