A Review of Adt Security Technology

By: David Johnson

When it comes to security for your home or business in tis day and age it is technology that is what is going to keep you from being victimized by the criminal element. Many people are unaware of the technological advances that have been made in the area of residential and commercial security and even you may be surprised to learn of the advancements that are available form security companies such as ADT.

In the past security alarm systems where connected to a home or business land phone line and all that was need to disable them was a knife to cut the phone line from outside of the home. New state of the art wireless technology has solved this problem and has brought a maximum level of security reliability to business and homeowners all over the world. Another technological advancement is the ability to detect potential intruders before they haver a chance to reach the building that they have their eye on. This is because ADT Security has the technology to install an invisible detection zone around the perimeter of a building that uses state of the art sensors to detect anyone who may be prowling outside. It has a thirty five foot reach and detects heat and body mass so there is no problem with false alarms being registered by dogs, cats or any other animals that may wander into your homes detection zone.

ADT has five state of the art command centers located around the U.S. That are manned my ADT Security personnel twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and this means that you are never alone with ADT. Should they ever be notified by your security system their first move is to alert the proper authorities and make them aware of your situation. On the interior of the business or residence that is protected by ADT Security there is a technological level of security devices that were completely unavailable until recent times. Motion and heat detectors can pick up even the slightest movement of a person yet are precision celebrated so you wont have any false alarms for pets, ceiling fans or curtains blowing in the wind.

The fact is that even the criminal element is aware of the high degree of effectiveness of ADT Security systems and a recent survey of incarcerated burglars determined that well over 90% of them automatically passed up a home or business that had ADT decals and signs posted in their yards and on their premises. Insurance companies are also in agreement with the criminal community because by having an ADT Security system installed on and in your home you are eligible for up to a 20% discount on your homeowners insurance policy. Another feature of ADT Security is a six month satisfaction guarantee that will refund all of your monitoring costs and installation fees if for some reason you feel you can do without the higher level of security that ADT offers.

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