Types of Temperature Alarms to Keep your House Safe

By: Ron Mcbride

Having an unsteady temperature in your house is more dangerous than a lot of people realize. There are a number of concerns that come up with temperatures rising or falling significantly. And surprisingly, temperatures can rise and fall quicker than you would expect. Because of this, having a temperature alarm in your house can help you monitor what is going on in your house. Here are four types of temperature alarms to consider.
1. Freeze alarm
A freeze alarm is great for monitoring if the temperature in your home falls to an unsafe temperature. There are a number of freeze alarms to choose from with a variety of features depending on your preference. One of the features you will find with the various models includes calling you and up to three or four more people when the temperature drops to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Others also have auxiliary to attach other monitors as well.

2. Sensaphone 400
The sensaphone 400 has a number of features outside of just monitoring the temperature in your home. It can also detect power outages, intrusions, water incursion and intruders. But it also acts as a temperature alarm for your home. It has a remote furnace control and will monitor the temperature and other environmental conditions to protect your home. You can contact the system using your phone, receive status reports, and control your thermostat.
3. Temperature guard
The temperature guard is one of the most efficient temperature alarms because of its features and the fact that it focuses solely on monitoring the temperature. All of the products within this act as alert notification systems that allow you to control problems before they occur. You can monitor the temperature and control your home while on vacation or out of town for a few days. And you can set it up to send you an alarm call on your telephone.
4. Sensaphone 800
As with the sensaphone 400, there are a number of features that this system handles. It is much more advanced than the 400 and has many more features. With the 800, you can monitor the temperature as well as humidity levels. The 800 provides 8 alarm inputs and can notify 8 phone numbers, which the 400 can only notify 4.
There are a number of temperature alarms on the market to keep you and your home safe. These are just a few of the more common alarms that have had success. Take the time to research and compare between the different systems out there. After extensive research, you will be able to find the perfect temperature alarm for your home.

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