How to Do it yourself Alarm Systems

By: Ron Mcbride

If you want something done right then do it yourself. Have you heard this saying? I'm sure that you have and while some things are better left up to the professionally trained, there is no good reason why you couldn't install your own do it yourself alarm. In fact there are home security kits at the hardware store just waiting for you to buy it right now as we speak. So what are you waiting for?
If you don't have a home security alarm system, you need one. Here's why, you work hard to make money to buy a home, and pay a mortgage, and have a car, and have nice things, and so your family can also have nice things, and it could all be gone in a blink of an eye. Protect whats yours and if you can't afford a big alarm system then install one yourself. Sure insurance might protect your home and your valuables but your family might never feel safe again.
I have a alarm system and we installed it ourselves.

I feel safe because I know whenever someone opens the front or the back door, thanks to door and window contacts. If that is all you had for an alarm system that would be just fine because just this is enough for any family to be safe. You see you put a contact sensor on one side of the door and on the door itself you put another one, when the door opens a chime sounds or an alarm goes off. You do this for every window and door in your house and you will be alerted when a burglar or unauthorized person is trying to come into your home, either through a window or a door.
Another thing that you should have when doing it yourself are glass breaker detectors. These are little box looking things that you put by your windows you can even attach them to your walls, they sort of look like fire alarms. Your alarm won't sound if your window never opened, but is getting smashed in, so the cool thing about glass breaker detectors is that it senses the vibration and the pitch of glass breaking and will sound a high pitched alarm scaring off the perpetrator.
Also make sure that you have a fire alarm and a smoke alarm detector, these types of alarms can save your lives in the case of an emergency. Also keep a cell phone right by your bed so you can call for help. Have a family emergency plan on what to do in case of emergencies as well, this can help save lives of your precious family.
You can do it yourself and be well protected. If you can handle a drill then you can install an do it yourself alarm system in your home. Save money and protect your family at the same time, get a do it yourself alarm system today and start protecting your family by tonight.

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