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Home Automation provides added comfort, convenience, enhances your security and produces environmental savings in all your home systems which you automate. Home automation can control all aspects of your life but with you in total control of how much.

Temperature control

Automated temperature allow comfortable temperatures while you are home and energy saving while you are away.

Lighting control

Dining rooms ,great rooms, media rooms, and home theaters all benefit from lighting scenes that set the proper mood for4 various activities.

Hi - Fi Whole Home Music & Video

Hi-Fi by allows you to pull up music from any music source in the house & set each zone's source and volume for parties. Watching TV ,morning news ,or any other activity

Full Ul Listed Home Security System

An HAI home control system is a fully functioning UL Listed security system - only smarted ! The Omni - family system monitors and alerts you of intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing condition, water leaks, etc.

Auto Safety Features

In the event of a fire, the air condition is turned off to deter the spread of smoke and fire. you can also set the system to turn on all of the light in the house to ad in your family's safe exit

Intelligent Reporting System

An HAI control system can be set up to make outbound phone calls when certain trigger events occur. Also, the home control system, when working with our snap-link or web-link II software, may send out e-mails when trigger event occur.


Automate lighting sequence for 'good night ','good morning', or 'entertainment' light may be set come on when a door is opened or when a car enters the driveway. Light up a dark hallway when motion is sensed. enjoy lighting turned with sunset and sunrise. Set lighting levels based upon the time of the day.

Video Camera View

The Omni Touch with video will show video over the touch screen. It is ideal for seeing who is at the front door, pool ,garage, or nursery. you simply touch the video icon and select one of the six cameras for displays.

Control Through Internet Or Phone

Your HAI home control system may also be accessed via telephone or computer. computer access may be through windows media center, by modern, or over the internet. Remote access to the system allows you to check on the status of your home or adjust light and temperature setting.

HAI has compatibility with many others companies in related industries so you can expand and customize your home automation system (to add touchscreen, voice recognition control or whole house Audio and home theater control) now at any time in future.

India,s leading distributor and largest home automation retailer in india for Home Automation including automated lighting, security solutions, wireless cameras and remote control.

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