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By: Frank Luca

Also, new trends in stones and settings in engagement rings has created so much deep impact that women are so indulged with modern ornaments that they can not help without wearing this pieces of jewelry.

In fact, the world of jewelry design is rife with options. You can select emerald engagement ring, sapphire engagement ring, ruby engagement ring or diamond engagement ring as well as design your own engagement ring. And in terms of what's hot in engagement ring, then vintage and antique-looking rings are hot for good reason. Vintage styles have an element of romanticism as well as a timeless and eternal quality.

If we talk about the diamond engagement ring then the classic appeal of the solitaire diamond engagement ring is still strong. When it comes to cuts, the round diamond remains the most popular shape, but that doesn't mean other shapes aren't on the rise. Heart-shaped centers are romantic and have an innocent quality. Cushion cuts are back in style again. Square princess and radiant cuts in demand are ever-popular in three-stone rings.

As far color in diamond engagement ring setting is concerned, white diamonds are, and probably always will be, the stone of choice. But now, colors are challenging the state of affairs. And colored diamonds are a popular choice with pink, canary yellow and blue diamonds. A real pink diamond is extremely rare and expensive but pink sapphires are affordable and beautiful. But many couples also like yellow diamonds these days which are less rare and very attainable than pink diamonds, but more unusual than white.

Apart from that the best place to buy an engagement ring is online jewelry stores. From online stores, you can choose any type of engagement ring whether it is diamond engagement ring or simple engagement ring at very exciting prices. These stores offer huge range of variety and the other important thing is that you can also design your own ring here according to your requirements and budget. This means that you can shop around here for the diamond that you want in your engagement ring setting.

Thus, choose an engagement ring for your lovely lady that she adores forever.

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