Original Jewellery Products Vs. Hip-hop Jewellery

By: Aadil Bandukwala

Trend of wearing Jewellery is one of the most volatile trends in fashion streets. Recently Hip Hop Jewellery items gained momentum worldwide due to its attractive design, unique looks and low prices. Elder women, office going and even college going girls are mad these days because of the fever of this hip-hop jewellery.

When we look at the place of origin for new jewellery fashion trends we observe that film stars, models, and celebrities are the most important cause. The large fan following behind celebrities always want to look like them, they are not only eager to follow hair styles, and clothing but also their jewellery and personal gadgets. But it's not possible for every fashion carving people, due to their different income range and economic status.

However, to solve this problem of common man, jewellery designer and manufacturers come up with option of hip hop jewellery. These jewellery products are generally made of low cost metal with several replica stones set on a single item. People who are mad behind fashion and show off are going with such kind of jewellery that results a boom in hip-hop jewellery market segment.

Quality conscious people or real jewellery lovers are still with original hallmarked jewellery items instead of hip-hop jewellery which are a favorite of fashion mad people. There is a very simple reason behind this. Most of the jewellery sales are dependent on either wedding and other celebration or special festivals or occasions throughout the year, when people buy jewellery for them of their loved ones. On such occasions people never go behind hip-hop jewellery because of the importance of situation as well as the sentiments which are being carried out with their jewellery products. For example, a couple who is getting engaged will never think of a replica engagement ring for the occasion, or a wife looking for an exclusive gift for her husband to present on their anniversary will never think of buying a hip hop style studded watch.

Therefore, the temporary fashion enthusiasm or blindness for hip hop jewellery cannot compete with original jewellery products. Although we cannot ignore the utility of hip-hop jewellery products for daily use, so the demand for such products will be there always. So, we can conclude that both the segments of jewellery products are different, their utility, and customers are different.

After all, "A Diamond is forever" and nothing can challenge the glow and beauty of diamond and diamond jewellery. It'll be glowing like always, and day by day its glitter will attract more and more people.

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