Crystal Jewellery - Regain the Shine

By: Paul Shane

Those who love wearing jewellery would never say no to crystal. They are simply irresistible and ravishing. The soft glow and the brilliant lustre of crystal make them simply wonderful. When they dangle from the ears or hang from the neck, the petite designs and the reflection of light simply makes them look awe inspiring and mesmerising.

New crystal jewellery always shines bright and dazzling. But what happens to the shine when the crystal jewellery is a little old? You may find your old crystal jewellery getting a bit dull and the lustre fading away and that makes you sad, especially if the trinkets were your favourite. But now, there is something that you can do about this problem. You can make your crystal jewellery shine like the day you bought them, again.

Crystal jewellery lose their brilliance over time because of layers of foreign particles on them. You may be using hair care products, skin care products and make up which may come in contact with the crystal jewellery. Over time they form layer over layer and that covers the jewellery. This dampens the brightness of the jewellery and hence they appear dull and sad.

Now, what you can do to remove the layers and make your jewellery shine like new is make a solution with water, rubbing agents like alcohol and utensil washer. Now with a clean cotton cloth you can rub the jewellery with this solution and make the jewellery regain their sparkle and glow.

You can then put them in a different but clean cotton cloth and wipe them off the solution completely. Now you are left with jewellery that are as good as new and as bright as light. You can wear them and set the night on fire.

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