Stainless Steel Jewelry...the New Silver?

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Silver is a rather interesting material. The reason that it is interesting is primarily that if you are interested in obtaining silver, you have to pay a lot of money for it. But on closer inspection, what is it exactly that makes silver so valuable? A lot of people will tell you it is because silver is rare and while the rarity certainly come into it, what you are going to find more so than that is the reason that silver is so expensive is because it is in such high demand. When a lot of people want something and are willing to buy it no matter what, people have a bit more leeway to set the prices for it as high as they can. In other words, silver is a material that really can run an economy.

The primary way that silver runs economies is in being purchased through jewelry, so if another type of jewelry were to become more popular than silver, then the running of the economy would be switched from silver jewelry over to that new type of jewelry. But what we are finding from statistical studies is that there already is a type of jewelry that has started to replace silver jewelry in the market. This type of jewelry is a lot more durable and a lot easier to maintain than silver jewelry and just happens to be quite a bit cheaper. It is known as stainless steel jewelry and it really has become the new silver in today's world.

Stainless steel jewelry's rise to fame and popularity is not really surprising; primarily because of the price difference between stainless steel jewelry and a lot of the other jewelry types that are sold in dominant market share positions today. Stainless steel jewelry is cheaper than gold jewelry and it is most definitely cheaper than silver jewelry, so what you are going to find ultimately is that the stainless steel jewelry has become so popular first and foremost because it presents a cheaper alternative to materials that are already set in the market such as gold and silver.

More so than that however, what makes stainless steel jewelry the new silver is that it appears to have impacted society in the same way that silver jewelry did when it was originally introduced. It used to be that a piece of silver jewelry was gawked over the whole evening by friends and relatives, but now what people are finding is that their stainless steel jewelry pieces are starting to receive the same attention! For example, a relative might be so surprised that the jewelry piece is actually made of stainless steel that they need to examine it further. People have encountered this at parties when they wear stainless steel jewelry and the end result appears to be that having stainless steel jewelry is now a status symbol; just like silver has been all along.

Whether stainless steel jewelry replaces silver is definitely to be debated, but the indications is definitely that the replacement scenario is a strong possibility; something that would make stainless steel jewelry the new silver.

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