Designer Fashion Jewellery Brands

By: April Kerr

The history of jewellery can be traced back over 3000 BC and gold jewellery was found in the tombs of Tutankhamen. Because jewellery made from real gold or silver is so expensive, the wearing of costume jewellery has rocketed due to its lower price. Not only that, but because fashions are constantly changing, costume jewellery allows people to buy jewellery to match the latest trends. These can include jewellery made from beads, glass, bone, brass and even plastic.

A number of companies have emerged over the last few decades to meet the demand of the fashion conscious public. There are so many that they cannot all be mentioned in this article however here are a few of the most prominent, mainly because they are popular with celebrities. And well know how important celebrities are when it comes to determining fashion trends!

Pilgrim - This company was started in Denmark by Thomas Adamsen and Annemette Markvad in 1983. Models that have been used in Pilgrim's advertising campaigns have included Helena Christensen and Liv Tyler.

Tarina Tarantino - Tarina is a model turned jewellery designer whose jewellery gained mass popularity after she was featured in People magazine in 1998. Paris Hilton is the best-know celeb to wear Tarina's collection.

Mikey - Mikey is another brand of jewellery which often appears on QVC and is very popular with UK celebs such as Kat Deely and Will Young.

Butler and Wilson - The pair first started out selling vintage costume jewellery in the 1960s but then they started selling their own designs and are especially popular on TV shopping channel QVC. The cast of "Footballer's Wives" can also often be spotted wearing their collections.

If the idea of buying branded fashion jewellery appeals to you, there are plenty of brands to choose from including Lola Rose, Bulati, Buckley, 1928 and Les Nereids. Many experts advise purchasing this sort of jewellery because in 20 years time they could become "vintage" and very collectable indeed.

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