Your Own Home Business - Dream or Reality?

By: Craig Binkley

This is a question many people have asked themselves, sometimes over and over. Is it possible for the average person to start and run a successful home business? I’m here to say that the answer is a resounding YES!

With that said, there are some specific questions you should answer before starting your business. This list is by no means a complete, comprehensive all-encompassing checklist, but it will give you a good starting place.

What type of business to start?

1) Do I have any knowledge in this area?

2) What skill do I have to run this business?

3) Is this something that I will enjoy doing?

4) How much will it cost to start?

5) Do I have the money this would require?

6) Is there a market for this product/service?

7) How will I promote my business?

8) Am I willing to put in the effort to make it work?

9) Am I dedicated enough to “stick with it"?

10) How much income will this business have to create?

11) How big do I want this business to become?

12) What are the tax implications of owning a business?

13) Are there any regulations (federal/state/local) that I need to be aware of?

14) Am I capable of doing the bookkeeping required or do I need to hire out?

15) What type of insurance will be required?

There are numerous resources online to help you answer some of these questions.

Here are a few of the sites I recommend.

Of course, some of these questions can only be answered by you. Be honest with yourself. A successful home business is a wonderful thing, but a failed business can be a hard pill to swallow. Honestly answering these questions (and others) will help direct you on the path to success.

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