Why Should You Get an MBA Degree?

By: Bailey Smith

No matter what industry you're in you can benefit from having an MBA degree. Getting an MBA degree can prepare you to be a manager or qualify you to be promoted to an executive position within the company that you work for. You could even learn how to start your own business and work yourself if you have an MBA degree. The biggest reason to get an MBA degree though is because you can earn more money if you have an MBA degree. Statistics have shown that a college graduate with a business degree can expect to earn about $45,000 as a starting salary but a graduate with an MBA can except to earn about $75,000 as a starting salary. Companies know that employees with MBA degrees are going to be an asset to the company and can really help shape the company and guide the company so that the company continues to grow and flourish. People that have MBA degrees usually have the skills and the expertise and the contacts to really move a company forward and most of the time companies are willing to pay high salaries to attract competent employees with an MBA degree.

Over the course of an entire career the difference between what your salary will be if you just have a four year degree and what your salary will be if you have an MBA degree can be huge. Wouldn't you rather invest the time and money into getting an MBA degree and collecting big over the course of your career instead of just sticking with a four year degree and staying stuck in the same rung of the salary ladder for your whole career?

With so many different online MBA programs to choose from it's never been easier or more convenient to get an MBA so why put off enrolling in an MBA program? You can boost your earning potential by thousands of dollars and move your career to the next level of success just by getting an online MBA degree. If you work in a company that offers tuition reimbursement for continuing education you might not even need to pay for your MBA. Lots of companies these days will reimburse their employees for any education expenses if that education is going to directly benefit the company and certainly getting an MBA would be an asset to any company. Since you would be putting all the skills that you learn in the MBA program directly into helping the company that you work for progress chances are good that your employer would be willing to pay for at least part of your MBA degree if not all of your MBA degree although you might have to agree to stay with the company for a certain period of time if the company pays for the MBA degree. Companies that do offer tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement will often ask you to sign a contract agreeing to stay employed for a set time period, usually at least a year, after getting an MBA degree. That way the company can be sure that you won't take the MBA degree that the company paid for and quit to go work for another company.

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