Online Degree Programs Can Overcome Educational Obstacles

By: Bailey Smith

In today's world more and more people are beginning to realize that you simply must have a solid education in order to pursue a career in just about any field. The same is true whether you are embarking on a career for the first time or whether you are wishing to make a career shift and begin a new path. And even for those already working in their desired fields, further education, training in various specializations, and the need for more advanced degrees are essential for gaining promotion opportunities, better pay, or to simply keep your career moving forward so that you are on top of the skills and knowledge required by your field.

Unfortunately, traditional routes for education present several obstacles for today's adult students. Questions arise of how do you maintain a working schedule and still get to campus for class and how do you afford a full time program when you are working to support the daily needs for your family? Location is also often an issue. If there is not an educational institution near by that offers the training and desired degree programs that you need, then how do you pursue your education in a feasible manner? Since many are unwilling or unable to uproot their entire families and move to another town or often a different state or entirely different region, then they are simply left out of the educational loop.

This is one reason why many universities and academic institutions have started offering a variety of educational programs that can be completed online without having to interrupt your life to attend classes on campus. Universities all over the country have started to see the value in, and the need for, more distance learning options so you can now find program offerings from a variety of places such as the University of Florida, Eastern Kentucky University, the University of Cincinnati, and the University of Saint Mary, just to name a few. These facilities are offering top rated programs for every level ranging from professional certifications and Bachelors degrees to more specialized graduate work leading to a Master's or Doctoral degree. And the wide range for fields available including everything from Criminal Justice, Education, Health Care, to Fire and Safety there is something for just about everyone.

Combining a variety of medias in the educational process and drawing on the strengths of top rate instructors and facilitators, many universities have been able to maintain an exceptionally high standard of quality in their distance education programs; some of them being among the top ranked in the country offering some of the most recognized programs in their fields. Most schools have been able to keep the cost of the programs fairly competitive and since most online degree programs may be eligible for the same opportunities for financial aid that traditional, on campus programs are, most students can pursue an online degree just as easily, if not more so, than they could traditionally.

The online approach also offers the advantage of giving students the flexibility of approaching their classes when they are best suited to focus on the information, allowing them to work around their schedules and at their pace. This may be one reason why many distance learning programs have a fairly high student retention rate and graduation ratio. Either way, it is clear that online degree programs are making a big difference in the educational needs of students and we will hopefully see more and more universities taking advantage of this opportunity to reach a new student base.

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