English Universities in Spain Offering Opportunities

By: Dori Kelsey

Spain has become the most talked about education hub of the millennium with hosting over 20 private and more than 50 public universities under its periphery. With so many universities playing over here, the number of students flocking to Spain has lost count, especially when it comes to post secondary studies nothing can beat the English universities in Spain. The various universities operating here offer enormous choice in courses to students who want to study abroad. The major English universities are located in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia (Madrid topping the list with highest English universities in Spain).

Various American universities in Spain are offering promising graduation courses that ensure bright carreer for students. These universities lay stress on the all-round development of ward, while giving him/her a platform to grow both academically and professionally. The curriculum is based on the yardsticks laid by EHES. Thus, the degrees obtained here are higly acclaimed in all European countries.

English universities in Spain offer subjects to benefit students from all streams be it Medical stream, Science, Law and Social Studies, IT or Humanities, it has something for everyone.

The duration of each subject area depend upon the program. Each university opearte on 3 cycles and degrees come under the aegis of any one of these cycles.

All three cycles are dicussed in detail below:
Ã?â‚??Short-cycle programs by English universities in Spain - These programs are populary known as single-cycle programs that attracts majority students to study abroad. Students taking these programs acquire bachelor's degree at the end of 3 years. It includes programs like nursing, lebraray studies etc.

Ã?â‚??Two-cycle programs plus intermediate diploma by English universities in Spain - these programs offer students an opportunity to take up the second cycle studies provided they have got their bachelor's degree. Either in single cycle programs or engineering/architecture, both are acceptable. This second cycle studies are usually the 5-6 years long master degree programs. It includes programs like Law, Architecture and Engineering etc.

Ã?â‚??Two-cycle programs devoid of intermediate diploma by English universities in Spain- this program neccesitates the achievement of both cycles to get a master's degree. It is gaing 4-5 years long and includes courses like veterinary etc.

Thus, offering such comprehensive choices of courses English universities in Spain have extended horizons of success for students willing to study abroad.

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