North Carolina Traffic Citation

By: James Kerk

North Carolina traffic citation is shown to people who break traffic laws. The degree of North Carolina traffic citation varies on the basis of traffic offence you are charged for. There are basically two types of moving wavers imposed by the North Carolina Magistrates Associations. The following point laid under specifies the condition in which you become liable to North Carolina traffic citation.

Waivable Traffic Citation:

Speeding Violation:
Speeding violation is one of the most common citations that people face. When you drive over a specified limit over 55mph but not over 80 mph.
Driving without, or with expired non-commercial driver's license (except when revoked or suspended), or operating motorcycle without proper license endorsement, or knowingly permitting an owned vehicle to be so operated, or violating restrictions on graduated licenses.

North Carolina Traffic citation can be waived only upon the execution of your written waiver of appearances and trial. It can also be waived through your plea of guilty or acceptance of responsibility to the offense(s) as on the traffic citation.

Exceeding a safe speed $ 35 and costs
Speeding in a school zone or on school property $ 50 and costs
Driving too slowly $ 25 and costs
Speeding in a work zone $ 250 and costs
Failure to reduce speed to avoid accident. $ 50 and costs

Non-Waivable Traffic Citation:
For the North Carolina traffic citation offenses require a mandatory court appearance and may not be waived. If a citation has a charge that is waivable and one that is not waivable. For all those traffic offenses which are waivable and non waivable you will have to appear in court against the North Carolina traffic citation.

As to traffic offenses: The date, time and location of the court appearance are indicated on the front of the citation. Failure to appear for a traffic citation will cause the revocation of the privilege to operate a motor vehicle in this state or any other state where you have a license to operate a motor vehicle.

North Carolina Traffic School is a registered and an authorized course which is also approved by the DUI/DMV/DMW departments. The course helps you clear your traffic citations and improves your driving record. Many of the times people are suggest by Traffic officers to take up this court ordered traffic safety course. North Carolina Traffic safety course has proved really successful in removing your traffic allegations and traffic citations.

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