California Homeowners Can Reduce Their Property Taxes

By: Toni Shepherd
California Homeowners are Being Over-taxed

Due to recent decline in real estate value, California homeowners are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars extra in property taxes. Homes bought between 2004-2007 are most likely to be effected by this problem. If you purchased your home within the last four years, you are probably paying more property taxes than you should, based on your original purchase price. Now's the time to file an appeal to the Clerk of the Board to reduce your yearly property taxes.

Your Taxes Do Not Automatically Decrease

As property taxes decline, your taxes do not automatically decrease. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to file an assessment appeal to the Clerk of the Board to readjust your yearly taxes accordingly. The deadline to file appeals is usually 30-60 days after you receive your property tax notice from the assessor's office. Appealing early, ensures that your application is received on time and increases your chances of getting approved for a tax reduction. Although the County Assessor's Office is promising tax reductions to 128,000 homeowners, greater tax reductions can be granted to homeowners who individually file their own re-assessment appeals to the Clerk of the Board. Here's why? The County Assessor's Office only gives a limited tax reduction ranging from $200-$600 becauuse it assesses your property, rather than appraise it. This assessment is based on a national average, but the value of homes in some neighborhoods have declined by more than 50%; homeowners in these neighborhoods should recieve more in tax reductions. If you hire an expert to file the appeals application for you for a reasonable amount of money, this is the best way to go. These experts are real estate appraisers who know how to evaluate and compare the final sales in the immediate neighborhood with an unbiased opinion. I recommend Pacific Coast Securities, an Orange County- based tax reduction company to file the application for you. I've searched around and this company is the cheapest, charging only $79 for their services. Visit their website at

The Appeals Process Can Be Difficult

When filing an appeal, the homeowner needs to know a great deal about the current market conditions, the value of his or her property and extensive knowledge of comparable properties. This information serves as evidence that you are being over-taxed. Filing the appeals application on your own can cause your application to be denied and force you to pay higher property taxes than you should. The No.1 reason County Assessors deny appeals applications for re-assessment and summon homeowners to court hearings is because applications not completed by professional real estate appraisers often contain mistakes and inaccurate market information.

You're Not Alone

Real estate appraisers and attorney can help you file your appeal application to make sure you are approved. However, there are companies that are charging up to 50% of your savings to file the application which can average to as little as $1000. A company that I used this year to reduce my property taxes is Pacific Coast Securities, The Tax Reduction Specialists. They were very affordable and efficient. They only asked for a one time fee of $79 to file the application. I saved about $1300 in property taxes with their company.
?Their website address is

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